Tuesday, October 2, 2007

WORE OUT after missing days!!!

Okay....after being off from the gym on Thursday and Friday for family issues....

and then being off Saturday and Sunday because it is the weekend.....

when I showed up yesterday at the gym, I thought I was going to DIE!!!!

I did 25 on the eliptical, 12 on the bike, and 21 with a 2 minute cool down on the treadmill.....only an hour actual machine time.  Not as good as last week, but better than the week before!

AND....yesterday was my weigh in....I didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain any, either, so I guess I have to be happy!  lol!  I am definitely starting my aerobics classes today, so hopefully that will make a difference! 

Also, I am going to start measuring myself tonight to see if I am losing any inches, because Kelly (happysunshien) says that I can lose inches but not lose weight....heck, I'm not picky, as long as I'm losing something!!!  And as long as it's not my hair, then everything's good!!!  LOL!



chevyz71gurl74 said...

Yep, you can lose inches and not be losing a pound...but eventually you will, but remember working out and building muscles... (muscles weigh more)... So more than likley you are losing inches and toning muscle which may not have you losing weight at the moment.  Keep up the good work girlie!


breakaway1968 said...

It must be frustrating to do all that hard work and not see results on the scale!  I know how you feel.  I don't work out as hard as you but I do well on my diet and walk and still see no results!  It's so frustrating...but they are right when they say they can lose inches and not weight.  Hang in there!