Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I don't understand....

I don't understand how I can be fluctuating like I am! One day I have lost four pounds, the next I have gained two back, the next I have lost three more, but the next I have gained four back! It's SOO weird to me!

I found this article yesterday that gives you a formula to tell you how many calories you have to eat a day to maintain your weight. So, obviously if you eat less calories you will lose weight, and if you eat more calories you will gain weight. Click here, and a calculator will automatically do it for you. Now, I am not giving out any of my numbers, but my calorie count is REALLY high....and I am pretty sure that I don't eat that many calories in a day, so I don't know WHY I am not losing weight! Of course, I don't actually COUNT my calories, so I don't know for sure how many I eat a day. Maybe I should start counting.....

I also found this website which has a lot of information concerning your BMI (Body Mass Index) and how many calories equals a pound and what you need to do (based on caloric intake) to lose weight. THIS is a website that counts calorie's for you (I just found it...and if it is right, then maybe I AM eating all those calories in a day.....). All you have to do is put the name of the food in, it gives you options to make sure you are picking the right food, and BAM!!! Calorie counting the easy way! THIS website is one that I have just discovered. It looks like a great place to learn something.....AND it has a blog!


Melissa said...

I hate when that happens. My weight flutuates alot too..those are cool sites, I will definately be checking them out, but Im not gonna try to start loosing to after the holidays. Goodluck

Anonymous said...

Those are some great tools you found. I'm definitely checking that first one. I suspect that you might be taking in a lot of "secret" calories. You know... oh that drink is only xxx calories, but then it's really xxxxxxx amount.

I drove myself CRAZY trying to lose weight for my wedding, and now my metabolism is sucking because of it. I wish you a lot of luck in this journey.

And thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday! Your so sweet.

Terri said...

I'm here!!

My weight does the same thing...even when I was working out so much last year...then it got to where I was at a standstill...and oh it just pissed me off...cause i was working so

I am right beside you on this weight loss journey girlfriend!

Good luck!