Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yep, my intentions to eat well and lose weight are being SABOTAGED!!!! And by my best friend, no less! I am so sad about it!

LOL! Kelly, whose blog many of you read (and if you don't, you should!!!), has invited me to go to the restaurant that her brother has opened in Garland, Texas, that she is managing for him. This restaurant is called Charlie's, and has the absolute BEST burgers of any and all kinds known to man!!! PLUS, they use REAL potatoes, cut fresh every day, and fried in all kinds of OIL, with salt, and FATTENING, FATTENING, FATTENING!!!

PLUS, they have a Blue Bell ice cream station, so of COURSE I have to get ice cream or a shake or something (I almost ALWAYS get a shake when I go there).

*sigh* Now tell me....HOW am I supposed to eat healthy food when THAT is an option????

Wish me luck!


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