Monday, November 24, 2008

Ugh....I weighed today....

Okay, so I got to work today and I weighed....and I have gained back the few pounds I lost, plus two! GRRR! This is SOOO aggravating! BUT, I am going to stick with it, and not give up. I am going to watch the calories I eat (AND to Mrs. Kitty over at!)

I REALLY need to go to the doctor and get a prescription for this WONDERFUL drug called Adipex! I have taken this pill a few times (SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) without a prescription, and it is WONDERFUL!!!! It cuts down your appetite and your food cravings, and gives you energy throughout the WHOLE day! Which is a good thing for me, because I am 1) anemic, so I don't have much energy anyway and 2) fat, so I don't have much energy anyway! LOL! They are great little pills, and they work wonders, and they are not very expensive. The problem is that they are pretty addictive, so you have to go to the doctor once a month, so he can renew your prescription. They don't do refills. And my WONDERFUL job (which as you know, if you read my OTHER blog, is starting to REALLY SUCK!) does not have medical insurance (or any other kind, lol!), so doctor's visits would KILL my poor little bitty paycheck!
So....I am going to start writing what I am eating in my blog....I think. LOL! That is kind of my plan...kind of like an accountability thing. But...I know me, and I will forget to blog, then by the time I remember, I will have forgotten what I ate, lol! So far today, I have had the item that is probably my BIGGEST problem. I am drinking a 32 ounce fountain drink coke. And no.....not DIET coke....the regular fattening kind, lol! I normally drink at least two of these a day....I just plugged it into my calorie counter, and it says that one thirty two ounce coke is 312 calories! EEK! Yep....THAT is a huge part of my problem! LOL! But giving up coke....I don't know that I would make it through my day without coke!!! I used to be a HUGE Dr. Pepper-aholic....but a kidney stone cured me of that, lol! If you have never had one, PRAY that you never get one, they are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! PAIN!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The doc I was going to at the time said that DP has a WAY higher rate of causing kidney stones than here I am....a coca cola addict. I can generally get through the day without a coke, as long as I have sweet tea to drink...which is better.....about a third of the calories.....but when I am drinking tea I drink a lot MORE than when I am drinking coke....probably not enough to even out the calories...but still.
Anyway, that's been my day so far......*sigh* maybe it will get better, lol!


Melissa said...

from one coke addict to another, i feel ur pain. I dont think I can give up coke, my only hope is to drink more water..I drink at least 3 can cokes a day. I tried doing the writing down everything i eat in my journal too, but i dont think i lasted a whole week, lol. after the holidays me and u should work out something where we could both do our entries about what we ate and stuff on the same day...i dont know maybe it would help us to keep up on it if we had a parnter, lol.

Kadie said...


I lost 18 lbs! I lost 18 lbs!

I used to be **0 and now I'm **2.


Terri said...

Girl i's a damn struggle...I hate being

After the holidays I am getting SERIOUS...with my eating and exercise routine...

We CAN do this...last year i lost 18lbs but have since gained alot of it sucks!


My Outside Voice said...

Ladies,, I took off 35 lbs in 6 months. The only thing I really changed was I walked more and..and here it is..

I got one of those big round balls, and that's it.. I didn't do the exercises like they say.. I sort of used it to stretch.. and strengthen my core muscles.. the gut..

muscle burns calories.. and I'm 50 and do the belly dance thing.(utube-it's the 8 minute one) It's fun.. funny... and funnier..

but it works.. strengthen the gut.. calories burn faster..

ps.. some gals hubby bragged about losing 6 lbs while she lost 2... he got his viking funeral..