Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday....been at it a week!

Hey everyone!  Well, I have been at this a week now!

Today is Monday again....and I get to weigh and see what has happened and whether this exercising thing is doing me any good.  I am worried, though....I didn't work out at all over the weekend, so what if I UNDID all my good work!?

Oh lord I am worried!!!  But I guess I will find out today....this afternoon.....after work......about 5:10 p.m.

OH!!!  Let me tell you guys what happened this weekend!!!!  Okay, I have been overweight my whole life, always....this weekend I went grocery shopping, and in the thirty minutes I was shopping, TWO people asked me if I was pregnant!!!  TWO!!!  That has NEVER happened!  I have been fat all of my life and NO ONE has EVER asked if I was pregnant!  I work out in the gym for ONE WEEK and now everyone thinks I am pregnant!?!?!?  What is up with THAT?!


Well, I will be on bright and early with my new weigh in tomorrow morning!

How's everyone else doing???  "Breakaway" - how did your weigh in Saturday go???


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breakaway1968 said...

Hey there...I was off here for a bit and go behind but I"m catching up.  My weigh in sucked!!  I lost .4 lbs only and was depressed for a bit BUT I'm back and doing good again!  I did SO well and then THAT!  Your doing so great!  I love coming here and reading about it and it just gives me so much inspiration :)